nostr client for Android

nostr is a protocol that allows the creation of an uncensored, decentralized, ad-free social network.

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Help create a freer, uncensored future on the Internet.

Join the plebs and experience freedom of expression and privacy on a social network for firt time.

How do I download Nostros?

You can download Nostros from GitHub or use F-Droid to receive automatic updates

F-Droid is an open source alternative to Play Store that offers free and open source software applications.


Download and open the F-Droid app on your Android device.


Go to "Settings"


Select "Manage repositories" and add new repository.


Add IzzySoft repository adrress (below) and confirm.


Search for "Nostros" in the F-Droid search bar.


Install Nostros



Discover Nostros' most outstanding features


Access or create public chat groups and interact and meet other users. Mute users in your group.


React to other users' notes by indicating whether you like it... or don't like it.


Share or quote the content of an original post with your followers and in the global feed.


Comment on other users' notes without limit or censorship, add images or links.


Get your verification badge by associating an Internet domain to your public key.


Mention other people using @ when writing notes or in public chat messages.


Send zaps in the form of Bitcoin through Lightning Network's, publicly or privately.

Global Feed

View all the notes of the relays you are connected to and interact with them.


Search for other people in nostr with their username or public key. Find notes.

Relay friendly

We are designed and programmed to be relay friendly and avoid overloads.

Other features

Notification center
Search hashtags
Public and private booksmarks
See relays in notes
Relay list metadata
Tag paid relays
Silence people
Sign notes with Bitcoin block height
Video player
Image gallery
Most zapped notes

Creating an account on nostr is an act of responsibility.

Create your account, save your 12 secret words and start interacting with the nostr protocol.

Decentralization brings with it the responsibility to securely store your login credentials (12 words or private key). If you lose them you will not be able to recover your account.

Public key in nostr


Public chat in nostr


Support the project with satoshis

All funds received will be used solely for the development and improvement of Nostros.

Bitcoin Address


Lightning Address

Thank you for your support!

Nostros is FOSS

FOSS - Free Open Source Software

Nostros is an open source project, it is distributed with a license that allows users to use, modify and distribute the source code for free and without restrictions. to use, modify and distribute the source code free of charge and without restrictions.

If you feel like collaborating with us you can do it in many different ways: programming, translating, designing or just giving feedback.

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